Experiments, Or How Do You Know?

How do you know if something works?

A well designed research study tries to ensure results are attributable to the experiment and not something else.

But with fibro/CFS things change daily. There are a tapestry full of threads that make up my conditions and my context. I’m having a flare up, despite doing everything in my power to be well!

I’ve been taking D-Ribose for just over three weeks but I can’t tell you if it’s making me feel better.

My boy has finally started sleeping between 10pm and 6.30am for the most part. So that must help.

I’ve started meditating for 15 minutes a day, so that must help.

I’m also stressing about work and finding a job that fits with our schedule and doesn’t make me too sore.

My baby is getting more and more active each day!

I’m finding that not only is pain and fatigue subjective to each person, but it can be within a person. I know that I’m far better than when I was working full time or was pregnant. But I can’t tell you how I feel relative to three weeks ago.

I can’t even tell you if that’s my fogged memory or an inability to distinguish between the pain and fatigue I was experiencing then and now!

So now I don’t know whether or not to continue taking D-Ribose. Or whether it’s time to try something else. And if I do, unless there is a magical result, I may not know!

I just keep wishing for that one thing that makes a real difference. That I’ll KNOW works.


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