Five Reasons Working From Home Can Help

Energy conservation and the ability to administer self-care are two very important elements of living well with Fibromyalgia.

Working from home, while a little isolating, is a great opportunity for Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain/Chronic Fatigue fighters.

When I was contracting it was a fantastic way to be flexible around my husband and baby. Now I am based in an office, it’s a nice change of pace to utilise the option to work from home.

I still have to transport my boy to care and back again, so I don’t save much travel time, but eliminating transport time and energy is super helpful.

Here’s my five top reasons why it’s good to work from home:

  • You can administer your heat pack without looking like a granny. (Heat is my favourite pain management technique.)
  • You can use your breaks to lie down and pace the day as you need. (Eating is easier too -I’m a grazer, so rather than eat a big lunch, I break it down into smaller meals.)
  • You can do yoga stretches without poking your butt out or getting on all fours in the office. And stretch your neck a lot without looking odd.
  • You have more control over your working area – temperature control, lighting, windows etc. My home desk is set up perfectly for me and I have my Swiss ball if I get sick of my chair.
  • You get heaps done without constant interruptions and without the little stressors the office provides. (Research suggests it takes something like half an hour to settle back into a task with each I interruption.)
Do others with Fibromyalgia/chronic illness find working from home useful?

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