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Are you fighting a chronic illness like Fibromyalgia?
And trying to keep working/parenting/doing life?
Have you been on the merry-go-round of trying-all-the-things? Would you like to be more targeted in your approach?
Or are you just too exhausted to figure out what to do next?

Nearly 8 years ago I was where you are now, in pain, exhausted and barely coping with everything I was meant to do. I had no one to understand and my doctor didn’t have anything for me to try. I was too exhausted and trying so hard just to live to have the ability to research and properly experiment with the options.

It took me a very long time and a lot of trial and error to get to where I am now – thriving despite fibromyalgia. I don’t want that for you.

My blog, Melissa vs Fibromyalgia is featured as a 19 Top Fibromyalgia Blog of 2019 by Healthline. My YouTube channel was also included in Feedspot’s Top 15 Fibromyalgia YouTube Channels list. I have written two books: Melissa vs Fibromyalgia: My Journey Fighting Chronic Pain, Fatigue and Insomnia and Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia. I facilitate two Facebook groups: Melissa (you) vs Fibromyalgia and Fibro Mama Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia. In addition I have created a free micro course and the Fibromyalgia Framework Workbook. You can read What People Say About Me here.

Now, I am offering coaching so you can take advantage of my research, experience and resources. Use your precious energy for doing the work not for trying to gather the information and figure out the processes to track your progress.

I couldn’t have put a value on the benefit of having one person to speak to who gets it (I had no one) let alone cutting out the agonizing hours and hours I had to spend doing the research and trials and documenting the results so my foggy brain could remember.

What would your life look like if you could reduce the impact fibromyalgia has on your life?
What would it be worth to you?

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What does “better health” mean to you?
What would it look like for you if you achieved a better quality of life?
What areas can you do something about right now?

You will gain:

  • Information
  • Tools
  • Confidence
  • Support

To fight chronic pain, chronic fatigue and insomnia (including while pregnant) right now. What we need most is day-to-day tips for managing these symptoms ourselves and I give you these. In addition to providing research for treatments to discuss with your health team.

Curious? Fill in your request for the chat about what you need, what I offer and how it works.

Who makes the most difference to our quality of life?

You. My number one belief is that we can make a huge difference in our quality of life and that self-efficacy is vital in fighting chronic pain, chronic fatigue, insomnia and associated symptoms.

So my goal is to work with you, not for you. I am an expert in my experience, not yours. However, when I was further back on my journey, I would have loved someone to come alongside me and say “here are some resources, let’s put this into a plan for you.” It would have saved me much misery!

The more you put in, the more you get out of these sessions.

Your doctors must be consulted, especially for medicinal choices.

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How Do We Get Started? Complimentary Chat

Let’s have a chat! We can talk what area you most need help with and how I can help. Fill in your request for the complimentary session here.

See here for How I Went From Miserable to Thriving – my story 2010-2019, key

How I went from miserable to thriving

things I did to start my journey to wellness, my puzzle pieces, what is coaching? Benefits of coaching for fibromyalgia. What I offer (blog, books, templates, micro courses, coaching). Why I am so ecstatic to offer coaching. How to request your complimentary chat.

Do you offer special packages?

Yes, I do!

Kickstart Your Fight Against Fibromyalgia Together – enrollments open now for a limited time! Sign up before 15th April and receive a 15% discount and a copy of my ebook!

Click here for the Kickstart Your Fight Against Fibromyalgia one-on-one Sessions here.

Ask me about Kickstart Your Fight Against Fibromyalgia Intensive Six Month Group programme.

Ask me about the special Meditation and Mindfulness for Fibromyalgia eight week programme available for individual or group options.

What if I want more flexibility?

No worries, we can discuss what you need and what I can offer in our complimentary chat. Sign up here. We can talk personal goals, professional goals in the context of fibromyalgia, healthy habits and more.

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What a Coach Is and Is Not

A life coach is not a therapist or trained health professional, they are trained in the process of change and sometimes have expertise in their niche, as I do in the area of Fibromyalgia due to lived experience and a lot of research in the area. A life coach helps you to plan forward. If you need counselling or mental health services, please contact your local health agency.

For more information about coaching see this blog post.

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