Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia and Pregnancy

I am a mama with Fibromyalgia who had to gather information about fibromyalgia and pregnancy the hard way – through experience and waiting several years for more research to become available. After waiting, I decided to go ahead and gather my own resources.

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Free Micro Course

MicroCourse Pregnancy&Fibromyalgia

My free Microcourse –Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia: Arm Yourself with Knowledge, this is four lessons about pregnancy, nursing and parenting with fibromyalgia from part of the first module of the full eCourse click here to receive the password!

Articles I’ve Written about Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia

Fibro Parents Survey Results & Big News about Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia Book

Essential Oils for Pain Relief and a Pain Cream I am Loving

Fibro Mama Interviews: Natalie from Surviving Lifes Hurdles

My Favourite Five Pain Management Mechanisms – Pregnant or Not!

My Six Tips for Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia

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Pregnancy & Fibromyalgia The Results of the Survey

Fibro Mama Pregnancy Diaries: The Delivery

A Tricky Parenting Secret

Fibro Mama Baby Diaries: The First Month

Second Trimester, The Second Time

20 Hours and a Baby

What I Learnt About Fibro While on Maternity Leave

Considering a Second, Guidelines to Myself for Pregnancy Planning

A Letter to Midwives

Dear Future Daddies

Tips to Cope With a Fussy Baby When You’re Sore


Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia Diaries

2018 Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia Video Diaries

Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia Diaries Weeks 7-13



Pregnancy Diaries from Baby Number Two in 2016

Pregnancy Diaries Weeks 4-6 

Pregnancy Diaries Weeks 7-10

Pregnancy Diaries Weeks 11-14

Pregnancy Diaries Weeks 15-17

Pregnancy Diaries Weeks 18-20 Gender Reveal

Pregnancy Diaries Weeks 21-24

Pregnancy Diaries Weeks 25-29

Pregnancy Diaries Week 30

Pregnancy Diaries Weeks 31-33

Pregnancy Diaries Weeks 34-35

Pregnancy Diaries Weeks 36-38

Pregnancy Diaries: The Delivery

Baby Diaries The First Month

My book!

definitive edition pregnancy and fibro

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Free resources

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The Facebook group

Where we chat through trying to conceive, pregnancy, nursing and early parenting with Fibromyalgia together.

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My full eCourse

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If you’re interested in taking this learning further, then see the information about my course – Planning for Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia eCourse.

Baby and Mama Care Log Printables

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