Tools to Fight Fibromyalgia

Here I provide some tools I love and use to fight fibromyalgia.

40 + tools to fight fibromyalgia

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Books I Love

From Fatigued to Fantastic by Dr Teitelbaum

The FibroManual by Dr Ginevra Liptan

Suffered Long Enough by Dr William Rawls

Take Back Your Life by Tami Stackelhouse

My Five Favourite Books About Fighting Fibromyalgia

These are from my post My Top Five Books for Fibromyalgia

Yoga for Chronic Pain by Kayla Kuran

Living the Best Life with Fibromyalgia by Alisha Nurse

The Pain Companion by Sarah Anne Shockley

Products I Love

Trigger point cane massager –  for tackling those trigger points and saving your fingers.

Yoga mat – yoga is one of my favourite tools for fighting fibromyalgia, you can do it yourself any time, anywhere.

Heat pack – my number one tool that I use multiple times a day, every day.

Memory foam contoured pillow – for neck issues.

Travelling memory foam pillow – for travelling neck issues.

TENS machine – natural pain relief.

Swiss ball – pregnancy or not.

Foam roller – another one to tackle trigger points.

Deep Heat cream – I use this every night on my neck.

Natural Options I Love

Peppermint Essential Oil – headache and nausea
Ginger Essential Oil – nausea
Lavender Essential Oil – pain relief
Chamomile Essential Oil – calming and said to help with insomnia, I adore it.
Magnesium oil – people with fibromyalgia are generally recommended to take magnesium but in pregnancy this is especially helpful for leg cramps.
MSM supplement– for muscle, tendon, joint and ligament pain.
Curamin supplement – for pain relief.
Why I'm Treating the Fibromyalgia as Naturally as Possible

Why I’m Treating the Fibromyalgia and Naturally as Possible

Mama Items I Love

City Mini Baby Jogger – easiest to use pushchair!
Boppy pillow – I can’t hold baby up on my own, so this is priceless.
Gemini Beco – I loved this front pack and it got a lot of use with my reflux/colic baby.
A bath seat – I can’t hold baby the entire time they’re in the bath plus it gives you hands free to soap up!
Jolly Jumper – buys ten minutes at a time of hands free.
Electronic Rocker – again, buys you hands free time.
Breast pump – because I was a mix feeder.
Avent bottles – these were our favourites for mix feeding.
necessary baby items whether you have fibromyalgia or not

These are from my blog post Necessary Baby Items

Spoonie Gifts Recommendations

Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

Sunbeam Microplush Heated Electric Throw Blanket 

This set of six  Essential Oils Starter Kit

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans (I’m a big reader).

8 gift ideas for your spoonie friend with fibromyalgia

These are from my post Gifts for Your Spoonie Friend

Meditation and mindfulness session

Give this special session as a gift or use it for yourself!

Printables I Created and Use



Free List of Over 50 Coping Mechanisms

My growing list of fibromyalgia treatments

Blogs I Love

Being Fibro Mom

Fed Up With Fatigue 

Spoonie Living

Chronic Mom

Yoga Pose Library from Be Yogi

Courses for Managing Fibromyalgia and the Symptoms

fibromyalgia framework

The Fibromyalgia Framework– this is where I take you through my research and experience and help you to make your plans to fight chronic pain, chronic fatigue. I give you the tools to cut down your journey so it doesn’t take as long as mine did.

Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia website has a multitude of free and paid self-study resources, including this one on pacing. It takes pacing much further than I can in my resources.

preg course testimonial.png

Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia Workbook – this is the course I formulated to take the research, personal experience and informal surveys of other fibro mamas I conducted for my book one step further – to help you make concrete plans for managing pain, fatigue and the third trimester and postpartum periods with fibromyalgia. My book was only the second book available in Amazon and I have never seen another course about pregnancy and fibromyalgia.

Personalised Help with Your Journey From Someone Who Has Taken Herself From Miserable to Thriving Despite Fibromyalgia

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