Fibromyalgia Framework

I am so excited to announce that in January 2019 I will be beginning the Fibromyalgia Framework Series.

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The Fibromyalgia Framework series is going to present my (evolving) view of managing fibromyalgia. In 2018 some of my strongly held theories were proven true by experience and research. I’ll share this with you.

My fibromyalgia puzzle pieces: meditation, sleep, physiotherapy, lifestyle changes, gentle exercise, additional health issues, medicine, deal with trauma

In the first part I will show you my Fibromyalgia Framework, which will likely look different to yours on account of the unique nature of this illness and where we are on our journey.

My mission is to help you cut your journey down, I lost too much of my life to chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia, so I share what works for me in case it helps you.

How does the Fibromyalgia Framework Work?

First I will send the content out one part at a time to newsletter subscribers with access to the freebies I create, later I will publish them as blog posts here on the blog.

Impatient? Want to work through the content now? The Fibromyalgia Framework Workbook is available to purchase, with all of the templates (freebies and templates recommended from my Etsy Store) with space for notes to work through the content as a course. Find the Fibromyalgia Framework here (digital). Find it physically here.

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fibromyalgia framework series: the fibromyalgia framework, introduction to fibromyalgia, tracking progress, sleep, central sensitivity, pain management, fatigue, normal human needs


Part One – My Fibromyalgia Framework (early January 2019)

Part Two – Diagnosis, Misdiagnosis and Fibro Books

Part Three – Tracking Progress

Part Four – Sleep

Part Five – Central Sensitivity/Overactive Nervous System

Part Six – Pain Management

Part Seven – Fatigue

Part Eight – Normal Human Needs

the fibromyalgia framework series