Flare Planning Kit

My Chronic Illness Flare Planning Kit is a super special compilation of templates to help you plan ahead for those times when your chronic pain/chronic fatigue/chronic illness flares up.


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It includes:
*My Pain Relief Plan (your list of your best pain management options)
*My Medicine List (your list of medicines)
*My Flare Must Have List (your list of things that make you feel better)
*My Flare To Do List (your list of things you can do in a flare, in ascending order of ability)
*My To Watch List
*My To Read List
*My Thankful List (your list of things that you are grateful for)
*My Support List (to remind you where to go when you need help)
*Natural Pain Relief Options List (to get you started on your pain relief and flare plans)
My Chronic Illness Flare Plan Kit

This is a 12 page instantly downloadable printable kit is specially designed to help you have your plans in place ahead of time so that you know what to do as soon as a flare up occurs. It is designed to be printed either as A4 or A5. If you use the option “fit” for paper size (or however your printer puts it) and use A4 it will come out bigger. If you choose A5 then it will fit on your A5 paper and slip nicely into your A5 planner.

If you’re trying to save ink and paper, don’t print the cover and gray scale the colours.

Yes, I want to purchase this kit!

My Chronic Illness Flare Planning Kit

Do come and join Melissa (You) vs Fibromyalgia Facebook group and share pictures of your filled in templates, feel free to ask questions and get advice from the team.

If you would like to work with me one-to-one to help you fill this in, then check out my Work With Me page.