Meditation and Mindfulness

Are you curious about a tool that can help you…

  • Live in the moment
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce pain
  • Increase energy
  • Improve sleep

Mindfulness and Meditation are free tools you can enact anywhere, anytime – my favourite kind! Want to see my report, including research on the benefits of meditation? See my free report on meditation here.

Come and join Mindfulness for the Chronic Life Free Workshop here!

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We are going to learn:

  • About mindfulness and meditation
  • Their benefits
  • Touch on the research around mindfulness, meditation and these symptoms
  • How they can help us manage chronic pain, chronic fatigue, insomnia, central nervous system over-activation, anxiety and overwhelm
  • How to practice a breath-based meditation that you can practice anytime, anywhere
  • And learn about how you can develop your practice further

How will we learn?

Through a workshop that is accessible when you like, how you like (phone, tablet, computer?) with a cuppa and your heat pack!


Mindfulness and Meditation for the Chronic Life: Mindfulness and Meditation for Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia, Anxiety and Overwhelm

Mindfulness for the chronic life

Would you like to learn about a natural way to improve pain, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and overwhelm? That improves general health and relaxation as well?

In this special programme we will learn about the overactive nervous system and how to calm it. We go through breathing, journaling and other practices to induce calm, present moment awareness, mindfulness in daily life, body scan meditation, visualisations and affirmations and make your personal plan for reducing your “chronics”.

You can choose:

  • 1-1 personalised sessions for eight weeks $479 (363 pound approx./$720 NZD) where we really dig deep into the content, your goals and your practices. 45 minutes a week for eight weeks to focus only on your wellbeing. Plus the worksheets and audios of practices so you can take the learning into your daily life. Request your complimentary session here and in the question “were you interested in a specific programme of mine?” answer “Mindfulness for the Chronic Life 1-1 sessions”.
  • Team programme – access the course content and a secret Facebook group for the team accessed as you can over the eight week programme. The Facebook group will be your oasis of calm where we will talk about our goals, what we are noticing, how we are enacting what we have been learning and more. You will receive the eight weeks included in the below option PLUS the online community, Q&A sessions, worksheets and audios of practices to take your learning out of the programme and into life for just $249 USD (189 pounds / 374 NZD)
  • Course content only – online content including videos, audios and worksheets just $125 USD (94 pound /$188 NZD)

Available from 1 June 2019.

I am passionate about using mindfulness and meditation to improve your quality of life. Meditation is a key part of my own wellness plan that I enact daily. I look forward to helping you get started in your mindfulness journey.