Your Pain Management Plan Micro Course

Are you fighting chronic pain?
Do you want some pain management options you can start using today?
Do you want to make a plan to help reduce pain longer term?

Your Pain Management Micro Course can help you do this.

What you get

  • Pain management options – a mix of things you can enact right now and things to plan to try
  • Your own pain management plan (template and how to fill it in)
  • Your own flare plan (template and how to fill it in)
  • Knowledge about pain management and fibromyalgia (because knowledge is power)

Your personal pain plan a micro course to help you make your personal pain management plan

What you get specifically to make this happen?

  • Audio lessons, including (but not limited to)
    • Managing pain holistically
    • The Four Rs for Managing Pain
    • Natural pain relief mechanisms
    • Low Dose Naltrexone
  • Video lessons showing you how to fill in your plans
  • My Big List of Fibromyalgia Treatments 
  • Pain Management Reading List
  • My Pain Management Plan Template Kit 
    • My General Pain Relief Plan
    • My Targeted Symptom Plan
    • My Medicine and Supplement Lists
    • My Flare To Do List
    • My Flare Must Have List
    • Things I’d Like to Try List
  • The opportunity to add one-on-one sessions with me to help you with your plans

my pain and symptom plan

Who makes the most difference to our quality of life?

You. My number one belief is that we can make a huge difference in our quality of life and that self-efficacy is vital in fighting chronic pain, chronic fatigue, insomnia and associated symptoms.

So my goal is to work with you, not for you. I am an expert in my experience, not yours. However, when I was further back on my journey, I would have loved someone to come alongside me and say “here are some resources, let’s put this into a plan for you.” It would have saved me much misery!

How does it work?

Simply click here to purchase and you will immediately receive the URL for the course, the password and My Big List of Fibromyalgia Treatments, Pain Management Reading List, My Pain Management Plan Template Kit documents. In short, everything you need to get you started on your own pain management plan. The videos are added weekly.